ASTER: Why are the mountains clinging to their edges?

Claudia Gutierrez Marfull: A provisional theory of the almost unseen

F. Tibiezas Dager, Golnaz Hosseini, Gvantsa Jgushia, Manuela Libertad Morales, Nicolas Sarmiento, Sitara Abuzar Ghaznawi: Basel Social Club

Pauline Coquart: NO FUNNY BUSINESS

Yanik Soland: Drawings


Iris Amleh, Hamza Badran: Lumbung Film

Amore: New Year's Resolutions

Marisabel Arias: Susi (perfectly together)

Mariana Murcia: AFFORDANCES

Ivan Mitrovic: Inner Directives

Robin Mettler: Fetish Forest

Angel's Forgiveness curated by Eliah Maag & Dasha Byrne

Amore Stockholm Paperworks

Nicolas Sarmiento: Public Possession


Deirdre O'Leary

Marilola Wili: It's not about blame, I have questions about value, does it matter what I do

Elise Corpataux, Sina Oberhänsli, Kelly Tissot: Bleached Clearing

Fidel Stadelmann: Brot, Cutter, Kabelrolle (...)

Jazmin Sandmann, Louise Bozelec: unbrucht

Gerome Gadient: qued.wav


Inka ter Haar



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November - December 2023 

hamza badran

January 2024 

Lea rüegg ; paula henricke herrmann

February 2024 

Milena Mihajlovic

March 2024 

sitara abuzar ghaznawi

April 2024 

Sonja Feldmeier


Monthly queer screening gathering at Amore, organized by Renee Steffen, Yann Slattery, Marilola Wili
Next Screening t.b.a soon...
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 amore bar

Monthly bar-evening organized together with Momo Ohnewein in Club Hirscheneck.
Every first Thursday in the month.
Location: Hirscheneck, Lindenberg 23, CH-Basel
Next event: Thursday, 07.12.23

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Claudia Gutiérrez Marfull, exhibition view, Amore
Slide 5 - 7
Pauline Coquart, exhibition view, Amore
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Basel-Social-Club, Sitara Abuzar Ghaznawi, Golnaz Hosseini, Nicolas Sarmiento, exhibition view 2023